Helix Sleep Mattress Review

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Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Have you ever wondered why we actually sleep? Or do you have any idea what goes on in our body system when we sleep? Me neither! However, one thing we all can agree is that, we feel refreshed and strengthened when we wake up from a good sleep. A good sleep is not just any sleep, having a good number of undisturbed sleeping hours on a comfortable mattress is what I refer to as a good sleep. You cannot compare the feeling you get when sleeping on a hard surface or a straw bed to the feeling you will get if you sleep on a comfortable mattress.

There has been a lot on improvement over the years on mattresses. Helix sleep came up with an eye catching mattress model that has caught a lot of reviewers’ attention, a personalized mattress! Imagine having to choose the type of mattress you lay on, well you will not technically be choosing the materials. However, you are given the opportunity to decide the temperature, firmness and other important features of mattress. This is another exciting innovation that is not very common among mattress companies. Helix sleep provides customers with a personalized mattress.


Comfort And Feel

The main advantage of Helix sleep is the privilege given to customers to personalize their mattress. Sounds pretty cool right? I thought as much. Helix sleep provides customers with the opportunity to personalize their mattress to meet their preference in terms of desired firmness, support, cooling condition, sleeping position, medical conditions among other relevant details of a mattress that is important to the sleeper.

As a result of this, customers have the opportunity to choose their desired firmness levels. Those that prefer a firm mattress can request for a mattress with firmness level of 8 out of 10 while those that want a medium firm mattress can request for a mattress with firmness level of 6 out of 10. The most important thing customers should take note is their sleeping positions. The sleeping position is what will decide the firmness level of the mattress, while the medium mattress is generally for almost all types of sleeping position, the firm mattress is for stomach and back sleepers, and finally the soft mattress is for side sleepers.

Motion Isolation

Getting a good sleep may be impossible when sleeping with a restless partner, their frequent turning around on the mattress or getting up from the mattress might be a disruption or disturbance to you. Especially when the mattress has zero motion isolation, it will be very difficult to enjoy a good sleep. That is why motion isolation in a mattress is important. It helps to minimize the movements on the mattress to the barest minimum. You will get to enjoy your sleep even if your sleep partner is a restless sleeper.

Sharing Helix mattress with anyone will not be a problem due to the adequate motion isolation the mattress has. The memory foam does a good job of isolating motion on the mattress to a minimum. Even though, it is not as good as all memory foam mattress. On the average, it reduces motion considerably. 


Edge Support

For sleepers that often roll around the mattress, edge support is important as they might end up rolling to the edge of the mattress. If the mattress doesn’t have a good edge support, they may end up rolling down from the mattress. Edge support is another important feature customers look out for when checking a mattress review, because when they buy a new mattress, they will want to get maximum support not only at the center of the mattress but also at the edge.

Helix mattress unfortunately does not have a good edge support, the mattress collapse at the edge providing no support to sleepers. If you are the type that enjoys sleeping at every side of the mattress, you may want to be careful when sleeping at the edge of the mattress.


The thin cover of the mattress gives allowance for adequate flow of air in and out of the mattress. This alone helps to keep the mattress cool. The mattress is also unique in the sense that it gives customers the opportunity to choose their preference in certain areas like the firmness and the temperature. There is a temperature regulation option for customers, a customer can choose from the options which range from mild to cool.

Depending on your preference, you can even decide to have your mattress sleep cool or hot.

His and Her Thoughts

Off Gassing

Off gassing is a strong word to use for the smell that comes from a new mattress. Off gassing is mostly from chemicals that may or may not be toxic, but the smell of some new mattress is not toxic and contains no chemicals (some mattresses do off gas due to the concentration of chemicals used). It is just a smell, although for individuals that are highly sensitive, it may be disturbing especially when the new mattress smells for long. That is why many mattress companies tries to reduce the length of the time it takes for the smell to dissipate.

Helix sleep, according to one of the co-founders made a lot of efforts to ensure there is near zero off gassing. The smell of a new Helix mattress only lasts a couple of days.

Delivery And Set Up

Helix mattress is compressed, rolled and delivered in a box. The mattress is delivered to the 50 states in the US and anywhere in Canada. The delivery fee is free to all states in the US, but customers from Canada will have to pay $150 delivery fee and custom tax: both charges will be removed during time of purchase.

Helix mattress is delivered by UPS Ground. Delivery is made within 6 to 10 working days. For any change in the shipping address, the change must be sent to Helix through email or call and if the mattress has already been shipped, the change must be coordinated through UPS. At the time of delivery, a signature is not required so there is no need for the customer to be around at the time of delivery. There is tracking number for customers to check on the update of their delivery.

UPS ground that are in charge of making deliveries do not offer old mattress removal and in-home mattress assembly, therefore Helix do not offer old mattress removal and in-home mattress assembly.



The materials used in constructing a mattress will greatly determine how it functions. Different materials are combined together to provide a mattress that provide maximum comfort and support to the sleeper.

The first layer is 2″ of Helix Dynamic Foam. This is like a combination of memory foam and latex. This foam combines the uniqueness of both the latex foam and the memory foam and it provides support to sleepers. It is like an improved version of both the memory foam and the latex foam, it has their good characteristics. Unlike traditional memory foam, it has a quicker bounce back response to pressure and unlike latex foam, it performs very excellently to isolate motion on the mattress.

Then you have 2.4″ of individually wrapped microcoils. These assist with contouring and motion isolation. Microcoils also called minicoils are coils, they are smaller than the standard innerspring coils. Innerspring coils are usually 6″ or 8″ high. Some microcoils are considerably high having 4″, but most microcoils are short havi;ng 1″ to 2½”. They are also narrower than innerspring coils and made with lighter gauge wire.

Microcoils are the latest development in mattress, but there are different types of microcoils. They are sometimes referred to as micro pocket coils because they are made into pocket coils. The coils work independently and conform to the body contours, helping to relieve pressure and also isolate motion. Primarily microcoils are designed to provide comfort.

Underneath the microcoils is 2″ of a polyfoam that helps transition sleepers from the comfort layers down to the support layers of the mattress. Polyfoam is a popular foam used by mattress companies when constructing a quality mattress, they have a quicker bounce back response than memory foam and they are known to provide good comfort and support. When heavy sleepers lie on the mattress, they will not feel the sudden depression of the mattress. This is because of the transition layer.

The base layer is 4″ of supportive polyfoam. Similar to the polyfoam used in the transition, a high grade polyfoam is used in the support core of the mattress.

The eye catching material used in the Helix mattress is the Helix Dynamic foam, this form offers the best of both the memory foam and the latex foam. I am actually impressed with the effort Helix made to produce a very notable mattress using quality and unique materials.

Trial And Warranty Period

Customers are given 100-night free sleep trial. There is no mandatory break-in. Customers are free to return their mattress at any time. A customer can exchange the mattress for the same model but for a different size. However, a customer cannot exchange it for another different model.

The process for returning the mattress is:

The customer will email Helix with a subject line that reads ‘return request’ with the tracking number of the mattress. The body of email will include the customer’s full name and a brief description of why he/she is returning the mattress.
After sending the email, the Helix customer service team will reply within one or two business days and arrangement will be made for removal of the mattress.

All returned mattresses are recycled or donated to charity. After mattress has been returned and refund has been processed, the money will be returned within 5 to 7 business days.

The warranty period for Helix mattress is 10-year limited warranty. At their sole discretion, they will choose to either repair or replace a defected mattress as long as the warranty stands. The Helix mattress is made for use on a firm, solid-surface and a bed base that is structurally capable of supporting both the mattress and the sleeper. Failure to use the mattress on a good foundation will result to a voided warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects pertaining to the mattress cover, physical flaws on the mattress that causes it to crack or split despite using a proper foundation.

Any burns, tears, cuts, stains and any type of damage that is as a result of the customer’s mishandling will not be repaired by the company. In case of any defect, the customer will be required to return the mattress to the Helix Company at his/her own expense with a proof of purchase of the mattress. If the mattress is checked and deemed fit to be repaired or replace by the company, they will reimburse the customer $100 for the shipping charges. Customers have the option of exchanging their current mattress for an upgrade model. When changing the mattress to an upgrade, the customer will be asked to pay for the difference in the price between the two mattresses. After getting an upgrade, the warranty period for the mattress will be renewed. However, replaced mattress will not be offered a new warranty period, they will continue with the warranty period of the original mattress. Most customers receive their upgrade mattress within 90 days of returning their original model.

The warranty coverage is exclusively for customers that are the original purchaser of the mattress. No warranty will be given to a secondary buyer.

Popular Reviews

Jessica Jones, a popular mattress reviewer that writes for The Sleep Judge (a popular mattress review blog). She gave Helix mattress a rating of 8.5 out of 10 and wrote as her final verdict on the mattress

“I have tried out quite a few products, but Helix is unique in their delivery. I enjoyed the ability to have a say in the way my mattress was constructed, and I was intrigued with their proprietary foam. While it’s not memory foam and it’s not latex, it has an interesting dynamic that features some of the best aspects of each of these popular foam materials. I was intrigued with the level of bounce provided by the microcoils considering the very low degree of motion transfer that results when someone moves around on the mattress.

I would strongly suggest, however, that you do invest in a quality mattress protector. Not only will this help preserve the white cover, but it can also help reduce the frustration that may result when the thin cover bunches up when isolated pressure is applied to the surface of this product.

All in all, Helix is a great product for those who have struggled in the past to find a mattress that offers the best in firmness, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity. Here at The Sleep Judge, we make it our goal to help match our users with the best products to meet their specific needs. I hope I’ve helped you decide whether or not the Helix mattress would be the best investment for you. However, if you have further questions or would like to comment, please do so below. We’ll get back with you promptly”

Ordering, Overall Value And Recommendation

Helix is one of the very few companies that allow customers to personalize their mattresses. When you order, you will answer a Sleep Quiz. Here, you are asked a variety of questions in regards to aspects such as your preferred sleeping position, potential pressure points, and whether or not you sleep hot. Furthermore, they take down information in regards to your physical attributes like height and weight. All of this information will be inputted into a tried and tested algorithm that evaluates just how your mattress should be constructed to fit your preference. When ordering the helix mattress, you will visit the website helixsleep.com and scroll to the bottom page to take your quiz. You will provide information like your weight, age, gender, height and whether or not you have a sleep partner (you can also fill out their information). Sleep partners have the opportunity to choose between the dual or blended comfort options, and each of the option has their benefits. The blended option combines the two different answers provided and constructs a mattress that will serve both sleep partners while the dual option will construct a mattress with two halves for the sleep partners.

Helix mattress is an ideal mattress for couples as it produces no noise when sleeping on it and it is good for sex. The mattress conforms to the body of the sleeper and relieves ache from heavy part of the body like the hip and shoulder.

The price of the mattress is considerably affordable. Helix mattress is a good mattress and offers free delivery for states in the US.

Price Table
Twin: $1339
Twin XL: $1449
Full: $1649
Queen: $1949
King: $2395
Cal King: $2395
Overall Rating
  • A comfortable and cool nights sleep
  • Motion control so you won’t be disturbed by a restless partner during the night
  • You prefer a thicker foam mattress
  • You want a choice of firmness
  • You are looking for just the right balance between comfort and support
Overall Rating:
Comfort and Feel
Motion Reduction
Off Gassing
Edge Support
Trials and Warranty

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