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What Are The Best Natural Mattresses?

Eco-friendly manufacturing has become a standard, especially with products like mattresses. Many of these mattresses exclusively use only natural and organic materials like cotton, wool and latex. There are several brands that only use these natural, premium components and offer a legitimately supportive and comfortable bed without using any toxic materials and are ethically sourced. Due to the growing popularity of these mattresses we have created our Top Picks for Best Natural Mattresses. Without further ado:

Ideal For You If: LINKS
  • If you like your mattress to have some bounce and body conformity.
  • If you want to purchase from a company that gives back.
  • If you want premium quality eco-friendly materials but don't want to pay an inflated price.
  • If you like to sleep cool, are a stomach sleeper but may sleep in other positions as well.
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  • If you want an all natural/organic mattress with superior comfort made in the USA.
  • If you want a mattress that you can flip over with a dual firmness comfort option.
  • If you prefer the feel of latex that has bounce and provides a cool sleep.
  • If you want to buy from a company that offers a 120-night sleep trial and LIFETIME Warranty.
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  • If you want a superior quality, eco-friendly mattress.
  • If you prefer the feeling of a traditional hybrid or innerspring mattress.
  • If you want pressure point relief on areas like your shoulders and hips.
  • If you want to purchase from a company that has more than three-decades of industry experience and innovation.
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  • If you want a luxury mattress that provides a cool sleep with pressure relief and offers excellent support.
  • If you want a mattress that is thick, all-natural and made to last.
  • If you prefer a traditional innerspring feel with a latex foam bounce.
  • If you want to buy from a leading online bedding company with an outstanding warranty.
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  • If you want a conforming bed but don't sink into it.
  • If you want a luxury yet affordable mattress.
  • If you prefer an eco-friendly mattress that uses organic/natural materials.
  • If you want a hybrid mattress that offers multiple firmness options.
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