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Choosing The Right Mattress Size

The size of the mattress you are buying is an important decision you need to make before finally making an order. Some people may wonder why the size of the mattress you are buying matters a lot, after all you can just order the same size as your old mattress. However, as you grow, so does other aspects of your life. You may be single before, but now you have a significant other or a pet, or you even have a larger apartment which can accommodate a bigger mattress. There are lots of reasons why you should think about the size of the mattress you will be buying. You won’t want to buy a mattress and figure out it is too big for your apartment or too small for you. Also, if you are the type that is fond of rolling from one side to the other when sleeping, if your mattress is not big, you may end up rolling to the ground. Out of all these reasons, one of the most important of them all is cost. Larger mattresses obviously cost more than smaller ones. In that same regard, it will be better to buy one big mattress that will be enough for you and your partner than to buy two small ones. This article will help you decide which mattress size is the best for you.

Twin Size Mattress

This is the smallest adult size mattress available. It typically measures 39″W and 75″L. This mattress size is suitable for kids that have outgrown the toddler bed, a single adult. This mattress size is the best option for sleepers living in a small bedroom or on a tight budget. You will not want the mattress you are using to take up the whole space when you have other furniture, and you will not also spend all the money you have on a mattress. Regardless of the size, sleepers will get the same comfort and support they would on a larger bed. However, the mattress is designed for one adult. This mattress size is most commonly used for daybeds, bunk beds, dorm rooms or a small guest room. This mattress size usually has the cheapest price.

Twin XL Mattress Size

This is similar to the twin size. The only difference is that twin XL is longer than twin size. It measure 39″W and 80″L. It is basically the longer version of twin size (two of these equal a Split-King size). This mattress size is more for tall sleepers that don’t have enough room or enough money to buy a bigger mattress. The twin size may be short for some sleepers, instead of getting a bigger mattress that will cost more this can be more cost effective. However, not all bed sheets or comforters come in twin XL sizes, so make sure you double check before buying. Twin XL size mattress can also be employed by couples that have different preference to mattress firmness. Two Twin XL size mattresses makes up one king size mattress, therefore joining two different Twin XL mattress on a king size bed frame will be the best option for couples that wish to spend the night together but they prefer a different mattress firmness.

Full Size Mattress

This mattress size measures 54″W and 75″L and is referred to as both Double and Full size. This mattress is ideal for couples that share the same mattress and may be looking to cut down on cost. They can buy the Full size instead of a bigger size. This will cost less and still be able to sleep comfortably in each other’s company. This mattress size can also be used by single sleepers that like to spread out while sleeping. Unlike the Twin and Twin XL size, Full size mattresses can accommodate sleepers that like sprawling out when sleeping. Although, this mattress size may not be comfortable for couples that sleep together and still share their mattress with their kids or pets.

Queen Size Mattress

This mattress size measures 60″W and 80″L. This is the most common type of mattress used by most sleepers in the United States currently. If you have enough space in your apartment and you have enough money, a queen size is the mattress that is most ideal. The mattress is suitable for single active sleepers, couples, and also couples that share their mattress with kids or pets. If you are considering buying a queen size mattress, make sure your apartment is at least 10’L and 10’W. This is the most preferred size of mattress for couples sharing a mattress considering the price, because at a lower cost, both sleepers can enjoy sleeping together without disturbing each other. Except if one of the partners sprawla out when sleeping, this may disturb the other partner considering both partners are to occupy 30″ of the mattress each.

King Size Mattress

This mattress size measure 76″W and 80″L. This is the most roomy mattress for a single active sleeper. You can roll as much as you want to while sleeping, you will hardly fall out the mattress. This mattress is also comfortable for couples that sleep together and also for couples that share their mattress with kid or pets. However, before buying a king size mattress, your room or apartment should ideally be 12’W and 12’L. There is also split king which is for couples that share the same mattress but have different preference in the firmness option of the mattress. Split king allows each side of the mattress to be distinctively different from the other. This allows couples to sleep on the mattress that is ideal for each of them without compromise. The measurement of the Split King size is two Twin XL’s each measuring 39″W and 80″L. The Split King is very desirable because it allows sleepers to move about without disturbing their sleeping partner. However, the bed sheets are a little more expensive to buy.

Also, if you want to use an adjustable base for a King size mattress you will need to purchase a Split-King mattress as adjustable bases don’t come in King size as a single piece due to their large size and near impossibility to move throughout a home.

Cal King Mattress Size

This mattress size measures 72″W and 84″L. This mattress is most suitable for sleepers that are tall or sleepers that prefer having a long mattress. This mattress size is 4″ longer than king size but it is 4″ narrower. It also has the same room or apartment measurement as king size.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a mattress size is room or apartment size and cost. Another thing to consider is who will be using the mattress, children will be most comfortable using Twin size mattress, Twin XL size mattress and Full size mattress. Single adults on the other hand will be most comfortable using Twin XL size mattress, Full size mattress, Queen size mattress and King size mattress. Couples sharing a mattress together will be most comfortable sleeping on a Queen size mattress, King size mattress and Cal King size mattress. While, couples sharing a mattress along with their kids or pets will most be comfortable using a King size mattress and California King size mattress.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right size mattress is yet another personalized step in the process of buying your next bed. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to it but rather identifying a few simple factors will help you get the mattress size best suited to you: Room size, size and number of sleeper(s) and personal preference.

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