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The Luxi mattress Review

If you are serious about sleep and in the market for a mattress, then you may want to consider the Luxi as an innovative new brand that might just be perfect for you. This product is marketed as the most affordable luxury performance mattress available on the market – but how does it measure up according to the consumers? We took a closer look at the Luxi and collated everything we know about them into a helpful article for you to peruse at your leisure… and that will hopefully help you make up your mind before you buy.

So what are Luxi saying for themselves? Well this is a reasonably new company reputedly operated by a father-daughter team on a mission to make the world of sleep a more comfortable place. Unlike normal mattress suppliers; they offer two mattresses, one of which is their signature 3-in-1 mattress and the other is known as the “Luxi 1”, which is a high performance foam mattress marketed as a more affordable (and less luxurious) quality item. For the purposes of this article we will be primarily examining the Luxi 3-in-1Adjustable mattress, which a few references to the Luxi 1 should the need arise.

What makes them stand out? Two things in particular. Luxi have engineered a layer in their foam mattress that is made from individual pillars of foam. Not only does this allow for a little more spring than your average foam mattress, but it also means that each individual pillar can be condensed as you lie down, contouring to your body shape one individual post at a time and apparently offering the maximum in support while reducing motion through the night. Luxi also offer the 3-in-1 for an altogether next level experience in comfort. The mattress comes with interchangeable covers, each of which has a different firmness rating… not only that but you and your partner have the ability to have different covers on, since the covers are split down the middle.

This mattress promises to be one of the most thoughtful on the market- provided, of course, that they live up to their own hype. Let’s take a closer look at the individual components that make a good mattress, and see how the Luxi 3-in-1 compares alongside the rest.

Comfort and Feel

Our first comment here is a backhanded compliment.

Normally when we look into the comfort and feel of a mattress we go to the customer reviews and read what the consumer is saying in order to give you accurate feedback… except that most mattress companies only have good reviews on their sites, and so we have to go digging deeper in the darkest corners of the web looking for a few honest reviews. Luxi’s page has a display of all the reviews – and some of them are actually bad, which shocked us quite a bit.

In the end we theorised that only someone who was supremely confident in the ability of their product would put a direct link to bad reviews on their own webpage, so we decided to give them credit for their arrogance. What you should know is that 87% of the reviews were 5 star, with 11% 4 star. Most of the three star issues were to do with an offer for free pillows going wrong or delivery being at the wrong time.

When it comes to comfort the majority of claimants say this is the best bed they have ever slept in.
One customer said that the softest setting was not soft enough where the next person said that it was too soft, so lots of the comfort issues can be put down to personal preference. Most people love the interchangeability of the covers and firmness settings, and the Luxi scored highly in terms of relieving pressure points and supporting those who sleep while managing conditions like Fibromyalgia.

In the end we scored the Luxi 3-in-1 a 4.75 out of 5 for comfort and feel, they seem to have a lot of happy customers!

Motion Reduction

Unfortunately for the Luxi, the individual pillars of support that hold your pressure points and allow for individual contouring also spring back into place when you move around. The majority of the slightly ambiguous reviews we found stated that motion reduction was an issue. If you sleep with a partner that tosses and turns then all those bouncy pillars are going to be an issue. This is a little bit of a disappointment, since Luxi cite one of the reasons for choosing their mattress is the reduced motion these pillars create – but it seems to be having the opposite effect.

When it comes to motion reduction it seems as though Luxi have sacrificed themselves in order to boost the comfort and feel of their mattresses. However, if your old mattress was a waterbed then you are going to find the motion reduction superb! Like so many issues with mattresses a lot of it comes down to individual preference, and when you are making something that most people find acceptable then you need to allow for the fact that you cannot please everyone. One thing we know for certain is that the Luxi is adjustable, so even when you do suffer from motion issues you can always try a different cover to see if that helps!

We gave the 3-in-1 a 3 out of 5 for motion reduction.

Delivery and Set Up

Delivery on the Luxi mattress is FREE. It comes compressed in a cardboard box and is delivered straight to your door step. It generally takes 8-10 business days between the time you order and the time your mattress will arrive, but this might be sooner, depending on your location.

Once you have received you Luxi mattress, we suggest bringing it to the room you intend to keep it in before you do anything else. Next, open the box and carefully cut away the plastic, being cautious not to slice through the fabric of your bed. Once the packaging is removed – step back and watch your bed expand!

Your mattress will be fully expanded between 24 and 36 hours later – however, you can sleep on it before then.

We give the Luxi a 5 out of 5 for delivery and set up.


As you open your new mattress and it begins to expand you will notice a slight “new mattress” smell. “Off-gassing” to me is a deceptive term, because no matter what brand of mattress you are looking at they are going to have a smell. Natural and organic matresses often times have the most smell, even although they are associated with having no smell at all! A smell is completely normal, and no matter what new mattress you have purchased there will be a smell. I associate it with new shoe or new car smell.

After 12-36 hours have passed the smell should either be very faint or gone completely. We always recommend using a mattress protector, so once you apply that and fit your sheets the smell should be gone completely.

We give the Luxi a 5 out of 5 for off-gassing.


The Luxi 3-in-1 has a top layer made from the insulated pillars that fold and spring back as you move – but they do not fold back all the way into the foam layer, and leave a little room between you and the mattress. In this way the seek to increase air flow underneath the body and give you the ability to stay cool all night long.

The customer reviews certainly seem to back up the companies claims that their innovative air flow foam allows for cooling sleep. Many people who traditionally sweated on their old mattresses experienced a measured degree of relief on the Luxi.

We had no choice but to give this 5 out of 5 for temperature. We could not find a single bad review.

Edge Support

Because of the pillars on the top layer, the edge support on this matress is actually really good – too good for one person, who said it kept them awake when sleeping beside their partner. Upon consideration of this complaint, we decided that the consumer might solve said problem by purchasing a bigger mattress, and that it probaly wasn’t Luxi’s fault.

If you sit down on the edge of this mattress you won’t slide off. The pillar support goes right to the very edges, so you won’t wake up on the floor. Given that the engineers behind this bed have obviously thought very long and hard about the issue of edge support, we had to score them highly for this one, too.

The Luxi scored a 4.5 out of 5 for Edge Support.


Luxi themselves are a little cagey about their materials, and only say that they have combined point elastic technology with tradition foam in a unique style that allows for maximum support and airflow… and since they have patented the technology we can’t really expect them to divulge all of their secrets. What we can say is that their 10 inch mattress is comprised of four layers, the bottom three of which all appear to be varying densities of foam.

The ‘miracle’ component on this bed is the top layer, which you can take off and switch for a softer firmness setting. They say they use premium quality materials infused with their own design to make these toppers so perfect, and customers are loving every second.

One worrying review did say that a consumer had managed to tear one of the foam layers while attempting to turn the mattress… what can we say? When you are dealing with a specifically engineered and layered mattress that has a definite top and bottom – you shouldn’t really turn it in the first place. However, we couldn’t help but feel that a little toughness might be added to the material to increase durability, and we also had to take a point off.

The Luxi scored a reasonably disappointing 3 out of 5 for materials.


The soft layer of wool beneath you on this faux pillow top mattress is designed to cool you as you sleep. It will also absorb any sweat from the body, ensuring you have a cool night. Unfortunately this mattress is not specifically designed to accommodate hot sleepers, and there is no other in-built cooling layers for your comfort. The bed does have good air flow though – better than most hybrids in fact, since the gaps in the layers allow for good circulation.

If you are a hot sleeper looking for the mattress that will keep you cool, then we are afraid to tell you that this simply isn’t it. On the other hand, if you are sick of every mattress review you ever read saying that this bed sleeps cool – then you are in luck. This mattress ought to give you a good night’s sleep without you having to add extra layers to keep warm.

We gave the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress an 8 out of 10 for temperature, because it feels a little like they sacrificed some temperature control in order to ensure all of their materials were ethically sourced.

Trial and Warranty

The Luxi comes with a hundred day risk free trial and (apparently) excellent and cooperative customer service which has been mentioned time and again in the reviews. You can sleep on this mattress for the full hundred nights and then return it (for free) if you like.

When you buy the Luxi you will also receive free pillows, both of which contain the same technology as the bed. They also offer a thousand night pledge – which we are not too convinced about. If your Luxi disintegrates within a thousand nights they will replace it for free… but a thousand nights only works out to three years (ish) and in terms of mattress life and the guarantees we normally encounter – a thousand nights is relatively short. We can’t help but suspect that this relates back to the materials issue, and that although comfortable, this is not a durable mattress. It might be affordable – but is it false economy? We can only speculate.

The Luxi mattress scored a mediocre 3 out of 5 for trials and warranties, because frankly, they could do better.

Customer Reviews

Tonya J May said she loved her new Luxi:

“I looked extensively online for a new mattress, but couldn’t find one that I thought my husband and I would both like…until I found Luxi. I have my side of the bed on soft, hubby’s is medium. I am a side sleeper with fibromyalgia, and the soft side is nice and soft, but still supportive and comfortable. The mattress is also super easy to customize too! We also got 2 pillows, and they are perfect, Supportive, yet “squishy”, and they hold their shape beautifully. We are happy customers!”

Whereas others were not so happy:

“By far the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I’ll never go back to spring mattresses. My only complaint is that the foam is rather fragile. When trying out the different firmness sides, my husband tried to pick up the mattress by grabbing one of the nobbies that make up the “soft” side and it tore clean off. We tried to be more careful by picking up the mattress from the sides, but could feel the foam tear. That was rather disappointing, but other than that we liked enough to buy a second one. We’ll just avoid flipping it.”

And some were a mixture of both…

“I have had the Luxi mattress for 2 weeks now and I like it overall. It comes set on medium, I tried that for 2 nights and just kept tossing and turning, it was too firm for me. I changed it to soft and like it much better! Its still not as soft as I would like it though. It is supportive but soft, I guess I am so used to my old mattress, that I sunk down into (not in a good way). My husband has kept it on the medium side and he likes it, but is debating on changing it to soft, just to test it out. So far we like it, but I wouldnt say that I love it yet. I will give it the full trial. I think I just need to get used to a new mattress, I am sleeping much better than I was on my old mattress.”

Given all that difference of opinion we have to leave you to make up your own mind. Overall please remember that the Luxi scored 89% of its reviews as five star reviews, and that the good far outweigh the bad. However, as a tactic we are not sure that making your own bad reviews so easily accessible from your webpage is either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish…and we still can’t decide which!

We give the Luxi a 5 out of 5 for reviews – simply for being arrogant enough to put bad reviews on their own website. Respect.

Overall Value and Recommendation

The Luxi high performance and luxury adjustable mattress starts from $899 dollars for a regular double, making it affordable as a luxury item. It has scored highly in the luxury department – but remember how it fell short in endurance and durability. This is not the mattress you want to buy if you want one that is going to last a lifetime – this is a ten years at best mattress, and you need to weigh that against the price and decide if it is worth it to you.

We think that if you are going to make that big an investment in your sleep time, that you might want to consider a company that offers a longer guarantee without too much of a difference in price.

Overall we recommend this bed to people who need to support individual pressure points and who don’t mind a bed that isn’t fully cloud soft. If you want to try an innovative new way to sleep, however, then the Luxi 3-in-1 might be just the mattress for you!

We give the Luxi a 3.75 out of 5 for trials and warranties.

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