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Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

Sleep is important for the proper balance and well-being of the mind and body. A good mattress will ensure a peaceful sleep and a pleasant morning. Many companies have made an effort to provide customers with improved mattresses that boast of new technological components.

Bear hybrid mattress is a new mattress made by the Bear Company. The mattress was made using quality materials to provide comfort and support to sleepers and is specifically geared towards athletes and those with an active lifestyle. Let’s jump right in and see what this Bear is made of.

Bear hybrid

Comfort and Feel

The Bear hybrid mattress comes with a medium firmness option. The medium firmness option provides comfort as well as support. When lying on the bed, you will get the luxurious feeling of a soft bed, but as you go deeper, you will start feeling the firmness as it prevents you from sinking into the mattress. The mattress is soft and as well, firm where it needs to be.

The medium firmness option is perfect for all types of sleeping positions. The mattress is perfect for customers that want to enjoy a soft feel, without necessarily sinking all the way into the mattress. It contours and conforms to the body of the sleeper. Some customers reported cases of pain relief and alleviation of ache.

  1. Hand-Quilted Celliant® Fiber Top this helps to improve your mental and physical well-being
  2. Premium Comfort Foam is adaptable to all body types and all sleeping positions
  3. Cooling Gel Memory Foam provides increased airflow for a cooler sleep and pressure relief
  4. Individually Encased Coils for proper spinal alignment and and excellent support
  5. High-Density Support Foam ensures durability and longevity

When lying down on this bed you immediately feel like going to bed. It has a “baby bear” feeling that is just right. The comfort foam layers cradle your body so you can rest without disruption. The breathable layers of foam work together with individually wrapped coils to provide superior lumbar support, optimal spinal alignment and unparalleled pressure relief, no matter your sleep position. The feel of the Bear hybrid was soft but not too soft and gave great pressure relief and support in all the right places.

For Comfort and Feel I give the Bear Hybrid a 4.75 out of 5


Motion Reduction

The cooling gel memory foam that was used above the support layer in the Bear hybrid mattress is known to isolate motion on the mattress to a minimum, and that makes it an ideal material to use when considering motion isolation. As a result of this, customers have reported the motion isolation is very good as they experienced reduced nighttime disruption. Above the gel memory foam layer is a premium comfort foam which works together with the gel memory foam to increase overall motion reduction. This makes the Bear hybrid is a top-pick for couples, especially those with different sleeping positions or, if one or both of the sleeping partners moves around/gets up often during the night. Hybrids aren’t well-know for their ability to reduce motion transfer, but with the performance of Bear’s gel memory foam you are able to better isolate motion and ranking this product higher than an average hybrid for this category.

I give the Bear Hybrid a 4.65 out 5 for Motion Reduction 

Bear Hybrid

Off Gassing

Most new products are associated with odor, especially products that use organic or natural materials. The best we can see in a mattress is a faint smell, and also the smell won’t last long. It is usually difficult to find a mattress with almost no smell.

Bear uses water-based adhesives rather than chemical, it does not have the new product smell for long. After unwrapping and opening the mattress when delivered, allow it to air for about 24-36 hours. This will coincide with the time it will take the mattress to actually fully expand, so that is not really inconvenient. You can expedite getting rid of the faint new product smell that you may notice by opening the windows of the room you are going to put the mattress in. This will create better ventilation and help speed up the process.

For Off-Gassing I give the Bear Hybrid a 4.7 out of 5 


Bear hybrid engineered a great bed that ensures proper temperature regulation so that folks can enjoy sleeping cool. The use of components like the quilted cover, the layer of gel-infusion beneath the comfort layer and the coil layer of the mattress all play important roles in regulating the temperature of the mattress making sure it doesn’t trap heat.

The mattress provides enough breathability and air flow to avoid trapping of heat during long periods of sleep. Memory foam is known to trap heat, but the use of these materials has helped to improve the mattress air flow and makes it possible to sleep cool during hot days. Bear’s efforts to engineer a better bed built for athletes has helped push their innovation and as a result they have made a stand-out hybrid that builds off of their successful original foam mattress.

For Temperature regulation I give the Bear Hybrid a 4.7 out of 5


Edge Support

Hybrid mattresses are known to have an advantage in this aspect, the pocketed coils used in the support layer provides sturdiness around the edges and this cannot be achieved by all-foam models to the extent the hybrid models can offer. The mattress has a base foam layer which provides even more foundational support. Bear hybrid mattress shows a good sign of edge support, although when you sit directly on the edges, it will compress in response to the pressure, however, this is to be expected when your weight is concentrated in one area and not evenly dispersed. On average, the Bear hybrid mattress outshines the average memory foam mattress in this regard and rank a little bit above average when compared to other leading hybrids in the market.

For the Bear Hybrid’s Edge Support I rate it a 4.7 out of 5

Bear review

Delivery and Set Up

The mattress is compressed, wrapped and delivered in a box. As I mentioned earlier, it will take the mattress at least 24 hours before it fully expands. Delivery is done to the entire 50 states in the U.S as well as anywhere in Canada –good news to customers in Canada, not all mattress companies make deliveries to Canada. Delivery charge is FREE in the 48 states, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Delivery to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada will incur a charge which will vary according to the location.

All Bear Mattress deliveries are provided through UPS Ground. Once the mattress has shipped from the company’s warehouse, customers should coordinate all delivery details with the UPS. Customers who obtain a My Choice by UPS account will be able to choose a specific delivery date and time that will be most convenient for them, and also request their package to be held at the nearest UPS facility. My Choice by UPS accounts are available free-of-charge. It usually takes 2 to 4 working days before the mattress is shipped from the warehouse after ordering, and it will take 4 to 7 working days before it reaches the customer’s address. There is no need for a signature when delivery is made and also, an adult doesn’t have to be at home when the delivery is to made. Due to the fact that UPS handles the deliveries they do not offer old mattress removal service, Bear also does not offer the service.

When setting up your new mattress it will need a foundation. One that provides a flat, even surface that will support the weight of the mattress as well as those sleeping on it. It also will need to be the right height for you as well as be aesthetically appealing. The Bear hybrid mattress will work great on a box spring with or without a frame, an adjustable base, a platform bed or slatted bed.

layla sleep


One of the primary reason I have chosen to review Bear Hybrid, along with every other product on this site, is because it utilizes organic, natural,  CertiPUR-US Certified foams or all three. This mattress has CertiPUR-US certified foams. If you are not familiar with CertiPUR-US foams now is a good time to get acquainted as you should seek out a mattress with at least one of these materials.

CertiPUR-US® is a certification program administered by a
not-for-profit organization.

CertiPUR-US certified foams are:

✓ Made without ozone depleters

✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants

✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

✓ Made without formaldehyde

✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

It gives yet more peace of mind knowing that not only are you getting a superior product but you are getting a healthy mattress that you can feel good about having in your home or having your kids play on.

The Bear Hybrid uses a combination of materials and technologies to produce a unique mattress that provides comfort and support to customers. The mattress uses a mix of eco-friendly, breathable, patented technologies, arranged in a specific manner for maximum comfort and support.

The cover is beautifully stitched with Bear’s high-performance foam, and is wrapped up in a Celliant material which recycles your body’s heat energy. This is Bear’s own patented technology and has been tested nine times to prove its efficiency. The Celliant cover increases the rate of muscle recovery in sleepers’ body, by increasing circulation and flow of oxygen. Referring to their Celliant technology, Bear said:

“Celliant™, sourced from natural minerals, activates the body’s natural heat and reflects it back as infrared energy, a common tool used to reduce inflammation and help the body recover faster. Celliant™ efficacy is not hindered by sheets, clothing or other waterproof/laminated fabrics.”

The next layer is 3-inches of Bear’s performance memory foam, which acts as the primary comfort layer after the generously double layers of fabric-stitched cover. This has latex-like properties and provides some bounce along with its comfort. It has elastic property and has a quicker bounce-back response than memory foam. This makes it a good choice as it does not trap heat like memory foam. It provides comfort and support.

The cooling layer is also designed to contour to your body shape, relieving pressure from the heavy parts of the body like the shoulder and hip. These 2-inches of gel-infused foam draw heat from the top without holding onto it. It does two jobs at once and does them very well.

The primary support layer is the system of 2.5-inch pocketed coils which are individually wrapped to allow for individual movement. This allows for solid support from the edge of the mattress to the center. The pocketed coils are primarily known to provide custom support.

Finally, the base of the mattress is 5-inches of high-density polyfoam which provides a solid but reactive foundation to the bed. The polyfoam is resilient and can be used to provide both comfort and support. It has a quicker bounce-back response. There are three types of polyfoam; they all have different density and durability. The one used in the bear hybrid mattress is the high-density (HD) mattress and it has a density of 1.5-1.7, the other two include –conventional and high-resilience (HR) polyfoam.

The Bear Hybrid made use of quality materials to produce a quality mattress that is durable and can serve a different purpose to different types of customers. The mattress is typically for all types of sleeping position. Its use of water-based adhesives helps get the most out of the materials, without clogging them with chemicals.

Below is the arrangement of the different materials and their primary function in the mattress.

  • 1st layer – 2″ of quilting foam quilted into the cover.  This foam provides a soft pillowy feel on top and a more substantial feel than a thin zip on cover.
  • 2nd – 2″ of Bear Performance foam – this layer provides additional comfort and pressure relief but with a good amount of bounce.
  • 3rd layer – 2″ Gel Memory foam – this layer adds deep support and pressure relief.
  • 2.4″ Pocked Coils – the coil layer will help the mattress have a bit more bounce than a foam core and allows for great airflow.
  • 5″ Foam core – This foam core will add additional deep support and foundational support for the mattress.

For their quality and patented materials we rate the Bear Hybrids Materials a 4.75 out of 5

bear hybrid

Trial and Warranty

The trial period for any product is necessary. This will enable a customer to test a product to see if it is to his/her satisfaction. Many times we read reviews online, and when we finally buy the product, we realize the product is not as we hoped. Buying something we will end up regretting makes us very careful when buying products online, we tend to buy only from a company we are familiar with. However, with trials now, we can try new products and see for ourselves if we need to change where we purchase our products or not.

Bear offers a 100-night trial with a mandatory 30-night trial. Unlike some other company, when you order a mattress from bear company, you will have to use the mattress for at least 30 nights before you can return it and ask for a refund or exchange it for another one. After the mandatory 30-night trial and you are still unsatisfied with the product, you can return it and you will be refunded, you won’t have to pay extra charges for mattress removal and transportation.

The Bear hybrid comes with a 20 year pro-rated warranty that starts from the date of purchase. The Bear hybrid mattress is divided into 2 different warranties. For the first 10 years, any defect on the mattress will be repaired or replaced by the company, but all transportation and handling charges will be covered by the customer. Before the company replaces or repair the mattress, they will make sure you do not violate any of the terms and condition associated with the use of the mattress. If the defect of the mattress occurs as a result of your action, no repair or replacement will be done.

The second part of the warranty comes after the first 10 years, from the 11th year to the 20th year. During the 11th year, any defect on the mattress will be repaired but the handling charge will be covered by the customer. If the mattress is to be replaced, then a new mattress will be offered at a reduced price of 50% of the original price of the mattress. After the 11th year, the increments will increase by 5% after each year until the warranty period expires.

The outer mattress cover has just a ONE year warranty, starting from the original day of purchase. The warranty is offered to only the original purchaser of the mattress. This trial period and warranty is slightly above the industry standard as some companies are shifting towards longer trial and warranty periods.

I rate the Bear Trial and Warranty at 4.7 out of 5

bear discount

Popular Review

Ross and Kayla reviewed on the comfort and feel of the mattress

Ross wrote

“We had a good experience on the Bear Mattress.  I am generally one who prefers thicker mattresses but Bear didn’t bottom out easily and had a good overall feel.  I always use a mattress protector so some of the benefits of the cover may not have been noticed for me. The nice thing is now they offer a mattress protector that uses the same fabric as the mattress!

The Bear Mattress impressed me for the following reasons.

  • To me the overall build and quality was above average.  The benefits of the fabric and the graphite are special to the Bear.
  • The top comfort layer really didn’t get hot (it was my 1st time on graphite gel memory foam).
  • It worked well in all sleeping positions.
  • It has a perfect medium feel that will appeal to most of you out there”

Kayla wrote in her review

“For me the Bear Mattress had a good medium feel.  It conformed well even though I am light but still had good support for Ross who is heavier.  Bear slept cool (although I’m always cold) Ross will comment all the time if a mattress sleeps hot.  That was not happening on the Bear. I tend to like a soft mattress so I sink in a bit more but it felt nice even though it’s not uber soft.  The top layer gives in and conforms very well for any weight”

Ted & Stacey wrote in their blog

“The Bear Hybrid is the latest impressive innovation from the team over at Bear. It answers the call for a higher-end bed for athletes, and for those interested in achieve a superior sleep, this luxurious mattress won’t disappoint. Since the Bear Hybrid comes shipped directly to the door it is easy to set-up. It takes only minutes to unwrap and watch the mattress spring to life. While the Bear Hybrid is priced higher than some other mattresses, the extra dollars are most likely the result of higher quality foams, 5 layer hybrid construction and the use of FDA-determined Celliant technology. We like how much confidence Bear has in this bed, to offer a 20-year warranty”

Overall Value and Recommendation

The Bear hybrid mattress has only one firmness option, customers are not given that privilege to choose the firmness level that suits them best. However, the medium firm option has qualities of both a soft mattress and a firm mattress. Bear hybrid mattress is ideal for those that want to enjoy any one of these:

  • Luxury feel- This hybrid would make a great pick for anyone who wants a luxury feel from their mattress. From the quilted foam cover to the soft top layers, this bed definitely boasts a pleasant, plush feel.
  • Pressure relief without feeling stuck- This mattress would also be a solid choice for sleepers who want pressure relief without feeling too stuck. While you’ll experience some body contouring from the gel-infused memory foam, the latex-like top layer and interior pocketed coils will give you a nice boost. So you will enjoy sleeping on a soft mattress without actually sleeping in it.
  • Sleep in multiple positions- This extra boost will also be helpful for those who sleep in multiple positions. The mattress is ideal for all types of sleeping position.

The price of the Bear Hybrid mattress starts at $1,050 before any discount and when compared to an average hybrid mattress, Bear hybrid is more economical. Bear has brought forth a very intriguing and quality hybrid bed with a competitive price, solid trial and warranty and it makes the grade in each section it has been reviewed in making this a top pick for hybrid mattresses.

*Note all prices listed below do NOT include our discount

For the Overall Value and Recommendation I give the Bear Hybrid a cumulative rating of 4.7 out of 5

Price Table
Twin: $1050
Twin XL: $1150
Full: $1250
Queen: $1350
King: $1650
Cal King: $1650
Bear Guarantee
  • Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 20 Year Prorated Warranty
Overall Rating:
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Bear hybrid
Bear mattress
Comfort and Feel
Motion Reduction
Off Gassing
Edge Support
Trials and Warranty

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